Deck Repair

Is Your Deck  in Distress?

Is Your Deck in Distress?

Get your deck squared away with expert help from Gator Environmental Construction!

The deck on your home is likely one of the most well traveled areas on your property. This can lead to damage that is inconvenient and needs attention. Repairing a deck might seem easy, but it's actually a complicated and risky process. Often, deck repair involves removing rotten or damaged wood and then replacing that wood successfully. This job requires specific tools that can be pricey to buy and skills that you may not have.

Why deal with all that hassle? Call Gator Environmental Construction today and get your deck fixed by professionals who know exactly what they're doing. Wade Saulter, owner of Gator Environmental Construction, will come out, give you an estimate and tell you exactly how we'll fix your issue. Call today to schedule your free estimate and get your deck fixed right, the first time.

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